Joseph, Interpreter of Dreams

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“A group of four silken-toned string players shared in the melodic bounty, and a continuo … wove ever-changing textures in support. In fact, the whole performance seemed tailored to the present moment, as it breathed melodious life into a dusty manuscript that had waited 300 years to be so up-to-date.” —New York Classical Review

cast: TBD
directors: Jeremy Rhizor, Tony Lopresti
guest speaker: TBD
genres: sacred drama, oratorio, biblical drama, Baroque music, Italian music, Italian-language libretto

Will be updated at a later date.
Directors, Musicians, and Guest Speaker

Jeremy Rhizor, music director and violin
Tony Lopresti, movement director
TBD, guest speaker

TBD, Faraone (bass-baritone)
TBD, Coppiere (soprano)
TBD, Panatiere (countertenor)
TBD, Gioseffo (countertenor)
TBD, Sedecia (soprano)
TBD, Testo (tenor)

Chloe Fedor, concertmaster
TBD, chalumeau
TBD, trumpet
TBD, psaltery
TBD, violins (+5)
TBD, violas (+2)
Arnie Tanimoto, cello
TBD, violone
Adam Cockerham, theorbo
TBD, theorbo
Marc Bellassai, harpsichord
TBD, organ

Program Information
Gioseffo che interpreta i sogni (1726)
composer: Antonio Caldara (1670–1736)
librettist: Giovanni Battista Neri (1660–1726)

Edition based on the 1726 manuscript in the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Vienna
edition: Jeremy Rhizor and Leili Zhang

Translation based on the manuscript
translation: TBD

Program Order
First Half of Oratorio
Contextual Lecture by TBD
Second half of Oratorio