Year of Moses

The Academy of Sacred Drama’s ambitious Year of Moses features the modern American premieres of three Italian-Baroque oratorios by Modenese librettist Giovanni Battista Giardini. The music of Vincenzo de Grandis, Giovanni Antonio Gianettini, and Bernardo Pasquini will be paired with contextual lectures and community receptions. French-Baroque Moses cantatas will also be featured in an intimate musical evening.

Oratorio  de Grandis’s Il Nascimento di Mose

A tyrannical Pharaoh fears the growing power of the Hebrews and orders that all male new-borns are to be thrown into the river Nile.

Fri, Sept 14   7:15 PM at St. Mary’s, Norwalk, CT
Sat, Sept 15   7:15 PM at Calvary Church, NYC


Salon  Parting of the Re(e)d Sea

An intimate musical evening featuring Moses cantatas of the French Baroque by de Bousset and Jacquet de La Guerre.

Sat, Nov 10   7:15 PM at The Chapel at St. George’s, NYC

Oratorio  Gianettini’s La Creatione de’ Magistrati

In this modern premiere, the prophet Moses learns to delegate and restores balance to his household and government.

Sun, Jan 13   4 PM at Corpus Christi, NYC; presented by Music Before 1800


Academy Players  England My England

The Academy Players perform English instrumental music from Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Age through the Restoration.

Fri, Feb 1   8 PM at Fairchild Theatre, Michigan State University, MI


Oratorio  Pasquini’s I fatti di Mosè nel deserto

In an oratorio based on Exodus 18, Moses, his brother Aaron, and a narrator vividly recall the challenges and successes in the wilderness.

Sat, April 6   7:15 PM at The Chapel at St. George’s, NYC
Sun, April 7  3 PM at St. Joseph’s, Bronxville, NY


Partner Concert  Linley Jr’s Song of Moses

The Israelites’ rejoice after the Red Sea closes over the Egyptian army in Linley Jr’s masterpiece. Presented by Big Apple Baroque.

Sat, May 25   7:15 PM at Calvary Church, NYC