Eliza Bagg
Scarlatti’s Ishmael
Ms. Bagg has been noted for her unique sound, having had Pitchfork compare her “haunting vocals” to “a lovelorn alien reaching out from the farthest reaches of the galaxy.” website

Robert Bennesh
Charpentier’s Mors Saulis et Jonathae
Mr. Bennesh is the organist and music director at Lunds domkyrka, the cathedral in Lund, Sweden. website

Megan Chartrand
Scarlatti’s Ishmael
Praised for her “light, fleet soprano” voice and “soaring, diamantine high notes” (Opera News), GRAMMY and JUNO nominated soprano Ms. Chartrand sings early music, art song, chamber music and concert repertoire. website

Sara Couden
Stradella’s Santa Pelagia · Charpentier’s Mors Saulis et Jonathae
Ms. Couden can be heard at the Metropolitan Opera. website

Lydia Dahling
Bassani’s Giona
Ms. Dahling was described as “sweet voiced” by Opera News for her interpretation of Zerlina (Don Giovanni) with Mannes Opera. website

Brenda Fitch Fairaday
Pasquini’s La sete di Cristo
Ms. Fairaday is a soprano and the former director of the Corpus Christi Chapter of the International Thomas Merton Society.

Andrew Fuchs
Bassani’s Giona · Pasquini’s La sete di Cristo
The music of J. S. Bach has come to play a central role in Mr. Fuchs’ career, and he has excelled in his interpretations of the Evangelist in both the St. Matthew and St. John Passions: “Fuchs made the Evangelist fully human and…served with exceptional skill” (TheaterScene). website

Madeline Healey
Scarlatti’s La Giuditta · Scarlatti’s Ishmael
Ms. Healey was praised by the Washington Post for her “gorgeous singing” in her Kennedy Center debut and was described by the Cleveland Plain Dealer as “silken-voiced.” website

Nate Hodgson
Pasquini’s La sete di Cristo
Mr. Hodgson can be hear at Bach Vespers at Holy Trinity Church in New York City.

Paul Holmes
Pasquini’s La sete di Cristo
As a professional choral singer Mr. Holmes has performed with Marble Collegiate Sanctuary Choir, the Salvatones, the Collegiate Chorale, and the Greenwich Village Chamber Singers. website

James Kennerley
Charpentier’s Mors Saulis et Jonathae 
Lauded as an “excellent, true­toned tenor” by New Yorker critic Alex Ross, Mr. Kennerley is the Organist and Choirmaster at Saint Ignatius of Antioch Episcopal church in New York City and is a keyboard player and conductor. website

Kyle Knapp
Charpentier’s Mors Saulis et Jonathae
Though he is particularly at home in the florid lyric tenor roles of Mozart, Handel, and the bel canto composers, Mr. Knapp’s versatility allows for a resume that ranges from Britten to Gilbert and Sullivan, from the under-performed masterpieces of early opera to world premieres of new works. website

Sara MacKimmie
Bassani’s Giona · Scarlatti’s La Giuditta · Stradella’s La Susanna
Praised for her “grandiose voice” and “richness and roundness of tone [and] considerable depth of phrasing,” Ms. MacKimmie is a soprano who specializes in early, ensemble and contemporary music. website

Marie Marquis
Stradella’s Santa Pelagia 
Hailed by The New York Times for her “extraordinary virtuosity and elegance,” soprano Ms. Marquis was named 2106 Debut Artist of the Year by the Joy in Singing Foundation. website

Clifton Massey
Bassani’s Giona · Stradella’s La Susanna · Scarlatti’s Ishmael
Praised for “impeccable phrasing and intonation” and as “an expressive marvel” by San Francisco Classical Voice and for “depth of tone” by the Dallas Morning News, Mr. Massey strives for informed interpretations of styles from the Middle Ages to newly-composed pieces. website

Edmund Milly
Bassani’s Giona
Mr. Milly sings with the GRAMMY-nominated Choir of Trinity Wall Street, is a founding member of Trident Ensemble, and brings “perfect diction” (Los Angeles Times) and “mellifluous” tone (San Francisco Chronicle) to his performances. website

Emily Misch
Stradella’s Santa Pelagia · website

Molly Netter
Stradella’s La Susanna · Charpentier’s Mors Saulis et Jonathae · website

Nils Neubert
Scarlatti’s La Giuditta · Stradella’s La Susanna · website

Jessica Petrus
Charpentier’s Mors Saulis et Jonathae · website

Jordan Rutter
Scarlatti’s La Giuditta · website

Amanda Sidebottom
Pasquini’s La sete di Cristo · website

Christopher Thompson
Stradella’s Santa Pelagia · website

Peter Walker
Scarlatti’s La Giuditta · Scarlatti’s Ishmael · Charpentier’s Mors Saulis et Jonathae · website

John Taylor Ward
Charpentier’s Mors Saulis et Jonathae · website

Jonathan Woody
Stradella’s Santa Pelagia · Stradella’s La Susanna · website

Continuo Team

Viola da Gamba, Cello, and Bass

Nathaniel Chase
bass · Scarlatti’s Ishmael · website

Motomi Igarashi-de Jong
viola da gamba · Stradella’s La Susanna · website

Sofia Nowik
cello · Stradella’s Santa Pelagia · website

Ezra Seltzer
cello · Scarlatti’s La Giuditta · website

Sarah Stone
cello · Scarlatti’s Ishmael · website

Arnie Tanimoto
viola da gamba and cello · Bassani’s Giona · Pasquini’s La sete di Cristo · Charpentier’s Mors Saulis et Jonathae · website

Theorbo and other Plucked Strings

Adam Cockerham
theorbo · Bassani’s Giona · website

Paul Morton
theorbo · Stradella’s Santa Pelagia · website

Arash Noori
theorbo · Bassani’s Giona · website

Kevin Payne
theorbo · Charpentier’s Mors Saulis et Jonathae · website

Charlie Weaver
theorbo · Scarlatti’s La Giuditta · Stradella’s La Susanna · website

Harpsichord and Organ

Elliot Figg
harpsichord and organ · Pasquini’s La sete di Cristo · Scarlatti’s Ishmael · website

Jeffrey Grossman
harpsichord · Stradella’s Santa Pelagia · website

Ignacio Prego
organ · Charpentier’s Mors Saulis et Jonathae · website

Chris Prestia
harpsichord · Scarlatti’s Ishmael · website

Parker Ramsay
harpsichord · Bassani’s Giona · website

Robert Warner
organ · Stradella’s La Susanna · website

Woodwinds and Brass

Lewis Baratz
recorder · Bassani’s Giona · Scarlatti’s La Giuditta · Stradella’s Santa Pelagia · website

Kristin Olson
recorder · Scarlatti’s La Giuditta · website

Steven Marquardt
trumpet · Scarlatti’s La Giuditta · website

Violin and Viola

Dongmyung Ahn
violin · Bassani’s Giona · website

Jacob Ashworth
violin · Scarlatti’s Ishmael · website

Aaron Brown
violin · Pasquini’s La sete di Cristo · website

Chloe Fedor
violin · Charpentier’s Mors Saulis et Jonathae · website

Naomi Florin
viola · Bassani’s Giona · website

Jonathan Goya
violin · Stradella’s Santa Pelagia · website

Isabelle Lee
violin · Scarlatti’s Ishmael · website

Dan McCarthy
viola · Bassani’s Giona · Stradella’s Santa Pelagia · website

Nethanel Pollak
viola · Scarlatti’s Ishmael · website

Jeremy Rhizor
violin · Bassani’s Giona · Scarlatti’s La Giuditta · Stradella’s Santa Pelagia · Pasquini’s La sete di Cristo · Stradella’s La Susanna · Scarlatti’s Ishmael · Charpentier’s Mors Saulis et Jonathae · website

Edson Scheid
violin · Scarlatti’s Ishmael · website

Alissa Smith
viola · Scarlatti’s La Giuditta · website

Claire Smith
violin · Scarlatti’s La Giuditta · Scarlatti’s Ishmael · website

Jessica Troy
viola · Pasquini’s La sete di Cristo · website

Elizabeth Weinfield
viola · Scarlatti’s Ishmael · website

Jude Ziliak
violin · Stradella’s La Susanna · Scarlatti’s Ishmael · website